On Saturday mornin 26-years-old mistor Jesus Diaz awake۔d in his Montevideo one-room apartment early, although it wuz not a work·day.  With the previous afternoon’s paycheck from Safe Insurance Tradeco he final۔ly had enough money to purchase a previous۔ly own۔d laptop electronic·process۔or.  Final۔ly, by that January summer of 2007, after a full year of save۔in, he could implement his plan to supplement his insurance earn۔ins by sell۔ing vitamins – and then marry, justintime, the love of his life.
            He already own۔d an electronic·process۔or, an old desk۔top model, ap half the price of a laptop, easy۔ly repair۔able (usual۔ly by slide۔ing off the side panel and replace۔ing a defective part), and sufficient for ee۔mail and search۔ing Internet – but much too large and cumbersome to transport to potential customors’ offices.  Socald laptop compute۔ors (electronic·process۔ors small enough to put on the use۔ors’ laps) wuz easy۔ly transport۔able, but more expensive and more difficult to repair.  Thus after dress۔ing and flowpour۔ing a cup of coffee, he switch۔d on his desk۔top electronic·process۔or and, peer۔ing at the ee۔display, maneuver۔d through the planet-around electronic network Internet to an advert siteplace in his South America۔y nation Uruguay for “previous۔ly own۔t” things for sale, and click۔d on “electronics”.
            Of the five laptops that appear۔d, one wuz within Diaz’s budget:  Leo brand, equip۔t – non۔alike most old laptops – with 20-gigabytes-size memory storage and, most important۔ly, a video·disk read۔or, and it include۔d a carry۔in case.  The own۔or ask۔d 30,000 Uruguay۔y pesos (slight۔by more than Diaz’s before-tax month۔y salary).  The telephone exchange (first three digits) he recognize۔d as also being in Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital·city. 
            Without another thought Diaz reach۔d for his telephone and dial۔d the number.
            “Hello?”  A woman’s voice – in Espanya۔ese, the national language.
            “I iz telephone۔ing about your laptop.  Iz it still for sale?”
            “Yes.”  She sound۔d sleep۔y. 
            “Exact۔ly what I iz look۔ing for.  Can I come see it?”
            “Oh.”  She pause۔d.  “Sure.”
            “Where do you reside?  I mean,” he correct۔d hisself because womans shy۔d from disclose۔ing they’s addresses to strange mans, “where can I meet you?”
            “Um…  Plaza Espanya?”
             Ap 30-minutes walk away.  “Okay.  Where?”
            “The publicpark entrance near۔est to the river, do you know it?”
            “I will find it.”  He look۔d at his clock, and suggest۔d a time an clockhour away.  “Ten oclock?”
            “Much too early.”  She laugh۔d.
            “Eleven, then?”
            “How will I know you?”
            “Um…  I ·will have the laptop with me.”
            “Ofcourse.  See you then.”
            Sit۔ing at his desk, Diaz sip۔d his coffee.  Leo wuz not one of the brands he had see۔d in Montevideo stores dur his many visits to gaze yearn۔ly at new laptops, which wuz equip۔d with wire۔less Internet connections and 80-gigabytes memory storage.  But he had notice۔d previous۔ly own۔t Leo laptops advertise۔d dur the Internet several occasions within the past year – remember۔t because of they’s cheap ask۔ing prices.  A quick Internet search reveal۔d that the brand wuz manufacture۔d in Taiwan, sell۔d for purchase on that island off China’s south·eastern shore, but not export۔d.  ‘Strange, then,’ think۔d he, ‘that I would see so many Leos half way around the planet.’
            In front of the bed·room mirror he comb۔d his curl۔y brown head·hairs, decide۔d to postpone trim۔ing his thin mustache, and tuck۔d his yellow teeshirt into his blue denim trouser.  He cramstuff۔d the money in his wallet, and insert۔d a copy of the vitamin video·disk into his day bag.  His next impulse wuz to telephone his galfriend Bibiana with his excite۔ing news, but then he remember۔d she wuz spend۔ing the weekend in the country, help۔ing prepār for her young۔er sister’s upcomey wed۔in.   That mean۔d they would not be attend۔ing, as they usual۔ly do۔d on Sundays, catholicmass (Catholic Christian week۔y church celebration).  He decide۔d to wait until the next time he see۔d she.
            Outside in warm sunshine Jesus Diaz walk۔d happy۔ly along the clean street, already full of cars and peoples embark۔ing on they’s weekend.  Although in Montevideo reside۔d ap 1,350,000 residents, more than one-third of the population of Uruguay nation, the port city wuz compact.  Culture۔ly diversify۔d with polite general۔by law-abide۔ing peoples, Montevideo had recent۔ly been rank۔d as the city with the high۔est quality of life on South America continent.  The Old City, where Diaz reside۔d, feature۔d a picturesque blend of colonial Espanya۔y, Italia۔y, and Art Deco architectural styles, with most streets offer۔ing views of the blue water.  Walk۔ing along, he envision۔d Bibiana’s parents’ relief upon learn۔ing that he would final۔ly be save۔ing money for a large۔er apartment and a wed۔ing; the six years courtship, they feel۔d, wuz too long.  Recent۔ly Bibiana’s father had encourage۔d she to begin look۔ing around for a more suit۔able woo۔or while she wuz still young enough to attract one.  Much of Diaz’s workweek he spend۔d visit۔ing tradecos – analyze۔ing they’s needs, sell۔ing and update۔ing they’s insurance policys, investigate۔ing report۔t losses – which allow۔d he free time dur office clockhours.  With a portable device capable of animation and sound, he could sell vitamins – as his best friend and co۔work۔ort Fausto, who had recent۔ly move۔d into a three-rooms۔y apartment with a view of the bay, had been do۔ing dur almost a year.
            He stop۔d at a vend۔or for a bread roll and at another for a paper cup of chill۔t mango juice, then purchase۔d El País newspaper, eventual۔ly reach۔ing the publicpark, adjacent to Plaza Espanya and overlook۔ing the water (where the bay meet۔d southern Atlantic Ocean).  Saturday mornin both the publicpark and Plaza Espanya, a complex of stores, wuz bustle۔y with stroll۔ors and shop۔ors.  On a publicpark bench he nibble۔d his bread between sips of mango juice, watch۔ing the pedestrians, while skim۔ing the newspaper, start۔ing with the sports page, leaf۔ing through political news, end۔ing as usual read۔ing the day۔y essay by priest Salinas.
            Soon before eleven oclock, Diaz fold۔d the paper and mill۔d around, until he spotnotice۔d a bust۔y woman with short brown hairs carry۔ing a black laptop case, wear۔ing a tan legcalf-length skirt and white blouse.  She walk۔d to the leftside of the main door, stop۔d, and look۔d around.
            He walk۔d over to she.  “Hello, iz you the woman with the Leo?
            “Oh, yes.  I iz Elena.  You must be…”
            “Jesus Diaz.”  He resist۔d the impulsive to ask her family·name, consider۔ing it pry۔ing.
            “Well…”  She dis۔zip۔d the case and pull۔d out a silver-color۔y electronic·process۔or the size and thick۔ness of a picture·book occasion۔ly lay۔d on sit·room couch·tables.  “Here it iz.”
            Diaz eye۔d it envious۔ly.  “How do۔d you happen to purchase a Leo?”
            “Make۔d in Taiwan, the large۔est produce۔or of laptops in the world.”
            “I know, but Taiwan dont export that brand.”
            “Oh, really?”  She seem۔d surprise۔d, then shrug۔d.  “My guyfriend purchase۔d it for me.”
            She shake۔d her head side-to-side, no.
            “Iz there anythin wrong with it?”
            “No. Nothin.”
            “Why iz you sell۔ing it?”
            “Somethin happen۔d, and I need money.”
            That, to the young man, seem۔d plausible.  Many peoples in Uruguay survive۔d from paycheck to paycheck, with little or no moneybank save۔ins, thus not prepare۔d for emergencys.  “You loose۔d your job?” he ask۔d, not because he think۔d she had, but because he want۔d to know her occupation, to further judge her character.
            “Oh, no.  I iz a teach۔or, so my job iz secure.  It iz not that.”
            He nod۔d, think۔ing that she resemble۔d a teach۔or type.  Her financial trouble wuz none of his business, although he would have feel۔d better know۔ing where she work۔d.  But he decide۔d not to ask for info she would not feel comfy reveal۔ing.  In Uruguay, a closeknit nation۔et with high morality and low crime, safe to assume peoples wuz honest.  “Will you accept 28 thousand?” he ask۔d she.
            She shake۔d her head, no.  “I have receive۔d two other telephonecalls, therefore…”
            “I would like to try it.”
            She hesitate۔d.
            “Assume۔ing it function well, I will purchase it for 30,000,” he add۔d.
            “Alright.”  She look۔d around.  Among the wood۔y benches line۔ing the walk۔ing path, one remain۔d vacant.  She point۔d.
            He agree۔d, nod۔ing.  As they walk۔d over he ask۔d, “How iz the battery?”
            “Good for one to two clockhours, depend۔ing on how you iz utilize۔ing it.”
            They sit۔d on a nearby bench, and she hand۔d he the laptop, which he set۔d on his lap.  He dis۔hinge۔d it, push۔d the Start button, and wait۔d a few moments. The ee۔display (the size of standard office write۔ing paper) change۔d from black to leaf-green, onto which appear۔d colorful thumb-size۔y images of different colors and designs, each designate۔ing a separate function:  a word-process۔or for write۔ing, a database for storekeep۔ing and organize۔ing info, a spreadsheet for lists of computations; Internet connection, music playback, video playback.
            “Can I try play۔ing my DVD?” he ask۔d.
            She nod۔d yes.
            On the side of the electronic-process۔or he push۔d a button, and out pop۔d a tray, into which he put۔d his vinyl video·disk the thick۔ness of cardboard and the size of a tea cup saucer.  He push۔d the tray back into the machine, and a few moments later on the ee۔display appear۔d a scarlet background with white glimmer۔ing letters read۔ing, “Welcome to the world of exuberant health, present۔t by Zest Vitamin Tradeco”.  At the bottom in small۔er print:  “Click here to view next image.”
            “Iz you sell۔ing vitamins?” ask۔d Elena.
            “I will be, once I purchase this.” 
            He exit۔d from the program, turn۔d off the machine, shut۔d it, and re-insert۔d it in it’s case, then reach۔d into his rear trouser pocket for his wallet, hand۔d her fifteen 2,000 peso paper·moneys, which she count۔d, and they shake۔d hands on the deal.
            “Try not to bump it,” she call۔d after he as he walk۔d away.
            Back in his little apartment he set۔d the laptop on his desk beside the desk۔top ee۔display.  As he connect۔d the two machines, to transfer the names and telephone numbers of peoples who had express۔d interest in vitamins dur the recent۔est few months, his mood wuz ecstatic.  Final۔ly, the opportunity to earn more money than I need for survival!’  Most supplementary jobs – forex food-serve۔ort or store clerk – pay۔d little and offer۔d no future, but, as Fausto had explain۔d, Uruguay wuz become۔ing wealth۔y enough for peoples to be able to spend money on they’s health, as evidence۔t by several physical bodyfitness gyms that had open۔d in Montevideo.  The vitamins, import۔d from continent North America, nation USA, wuz expensive (which mean۔d significant sales commissions), but still cheap۔er than poor۔er quality South America۔y brands; and sell۔ing they to individuals eliminate۔d the big markups stores charge۔d to recover they’s rent, salarys, electricity, insurance, etcetera.
            After the info had been transfer۔d to the laptop, Diaz add۔d Elena’s name and telephone number, as another possible customor.  Then, to preserve the data in the machine’s memory he press۔d the Save button.
            Sudden۔ly the ee۔display become۔d blank.
            “What?!” Diaz cry۔d out.  The machine had – in electronic·process۔or language – crash۔d.
            Reflex۔ly he hit۔d the electronic·process۔or with the side of his hand, and, to his surprise, leaf-green color return۔d to the ee۔display, as it automatic۔ly re-start۔d.  But the data he had try۔d to storekeep wuz gone.  Thus he re۔transfer۔d the data from the desk۔top machine, and that time wuz able to save it. 
            Yet the experience worry۔d he, and sour۔d his mood.  An non۔rely۔able electronic·process۔or wuz worth۔less as a sales tool.  Difficult۔est wuz convince۔ing peoples to view the video presentation, after which, from Fausto’s experience, they usual۔ly purchase۔d atleast a bottle or two, the first step in become۔ing a regular customor.  Diaz insert۔d the vitamin presentation video·disk, and begin۔d re-play۔ing it.  A few minutes later, feel۔ing hunger۔y, he pick۔d up the laptop and move۔d it to his kitchen area, set۔ing it on the dine۔ing counter – upon which the ee۔display empty۔d of info again.  Crash۔d.
            He lookstare۔d at it, think۔ing.  An electronic·process۔or should not have re-start۔d mere۔ly because he had hit۔d it.  And, he reason۔d, perhaps set۔ing it on the table had jar۔d it again, cause۔ing it to dis۔connect.  That point۔d to a possible loose connection problem.  Loose connection problems wuz usual۔ly relative۔ly easy۔ly solve۔d, although laptops, non۔alike desk۔top machines, could not be open۔t and service۔t by ordinary use۔ors alike hisself.
            Then he remember۔d that Elena had warn۔d he not to bump it – a dark thought, because, he reason۔d, if Elena had know۔d about the problem she would probable۔ly have try۔d to fix it, but wuz possible۔ly non۔successful.  Leo brands, he next realize۔d, non۔alike popular brands, would be non۔familiar to local repair experts.  Replacement parts would not be readily available.  Those thoughts cause۔d he to sit heavy۔ly on his stool.
            He pull۔d out his wallet, pull۔d out a piece of paper, reach۔d for the telephone, and press۔d Elena’s number.
            “Hello?” she answer۔d.
            “Hello, this iz Jesus Diaz, who purchase۔d your laptop.  I have only been utilize۔ing it for half an clockhour, and it’s already crash۔d twice.”
            “Really?”  Her voice ring۔d with surprise.
            “Really,” he answer۔d with a tinge of sarcasm.  Her behavior increase۔d his suspicion:  it would have been almost imposable for the machine to have crash۔d so quick۔ly, twice, if she had not been aware of it.  He make۔d a decision:  “Sorry, I cant use an non-rely۔able machine.  I want my money back.”
            No sound from she.
            “Hello?” he say۔d into the telephone.
            “Hello,” she answer۔d.  “I dont know what to say.  You purchase۔d it, therefore…”
            “Because you say۔d you had not had any trouble with it.”
            “I had not.”
            He feel۔d certain she wuz lie۔ing.
            “Look,” he say۔d, try۔ing not to sound anger۔y.  “I ·will meet you back at the same place in half a clockhour.  You bring the money and I will bring the laptop and we will forget the entire thing.”
            No sound from her end.  Final۔ly she say۔d, “I have already spend۔d the money.”
            He think۔d, ‘Lie۔ing again,’ and feel۔d his face become hot.
            “There iz nothin I can do,” she say۔d quiet۔ly.
            “I want my money back,” he state۔d calm۔ly.
            Then he earhear۔d a click as she dis۔connect۔d.
            When he telephone۔d back, she dint answer.
He sit۔d backdown on the stool, lookstare۔ing at the non۔functional contraption, his head in his hands.  “She cheat۔d me,” he say۔d outloud.
            Dur the next two clockhours the laptop crash۔d three more occasions.
            Mid۔afternoon that same Saturday, Jesus Diaz step۔d off a bus, push۔d open to the door beneath a shabby sign read۔ing “Rio de la Plata Electronic·process۔or Repair”, and walk۔d rear۔ward toward a fat mid-age۔y man with a droop۔ing mustache – the one people who he had been able to reach via telephone who wuz familiar with Leos. 
            “I iz the guy with the Leo,” Diaz say۔d, lay۔ing the display case on the counter.
            “I will check it.”  The repair۔man pull۔d out the silver-color۔y machine, open۔d it, and comment۔d, “This piece of junk, again?”
            “What do you mean?”
            “It may not be the only Leo in town, but I will be willin to bet it iz the only one with the model number rub۔t off.”  He point۔d to the number below the black “Leo”, whose digits wuz non۔read۔able.
            “What do you need the number for?” ask۔d Diaz with increase۔ing concern.
            “I dont need it now.”  He look۔d at his customor.  “I will tell you the same thing I tell۔d all the others.”
            “All the others?”
            “The four other peoples who bring۔d this machine in to be repair۔t:  It iz not fix۔able.”
            “What do you mean, not fix۔able?” say۔d Diaz, his voice rise۔ing.
            “The storage disk dont seat proper۔ly,” the repair man explain۔d.  “That iz why somebody stick۔d a bit of cardboard on top of it to press it down۔ward.”  He turn۔d the laptop up·side·down, pick۔d up a small screw·turn۔or, and dis۔screw۔d and remove۔d the rectangular metal plate – reveal۔ing a piece of cardboard lay۔ing on top of a rectangular black plastic box which Diaz infer۔d wuz the storage disk.  “Nomatter how we fiddle۔d with it, it wont stay snug.  And if it’s not snug the connection will break.  The fault iz in the manufacture۔or – sloppy standards.
            Diaz sigh۔d.
            “Alike I tell۔d the others, if you leave it on a table, and iz careful۔ly about not nudge۔ing it, and copysave your data frequent۔ly, it iz still use۔able.”
            “But I need to carry it around for sales presentations,” say۔d Diaz, try۔ing to keep desperation out of his tone.
            “Not with that one, you wont,” say۔d the repair۔man as he screw۔d the plate back on.
            Without another word Diaz put۔d the machine back in it’s case.  At the door he turn۔d around.  “Wuz the recent۔est of the four peoples who bring۔d in the Leo, a big-bosom۔y woman with short brown curl۔y hairs, ap age 32, name۔d Elena?”
            “She dint give her name, but the description fit.”
            Saturday evenin wuz approach۔ing, when Diaz and Bibiana usual۔ly go۔d to a movy, occasion۔ly with dinner before or a snack afterward; he feel۔d thankful that she wuz away at her sister’s house dur the weekend.  On the bus return۔ing to his apartment he experience۔d a mixture of emotions:  main۔ly mood·depression, interrupt۔d with bouts of rage.  He had trouble imagine۔ing what type of people would deliberate۔ly cheat somebody.  Look۔ing back over his life, he could not think of a single time he had cheat۔d anybody.  Even at work, where it wuz all too easy to “forget” to mention a clause or condition, as some of his colleagues do۔d, Diaz had a reputation as a “straight talk۔or”.  A calm man, he had learn۔d in commerce how to keep emotion under control.  ‘What happen to you matter less than how you react.’  A pearl of wisdom remember۔d from his mother.
            Back home he try۔d telephone۔ing Elena again, only to learn that she had block۔d his number – a simple process with any digital telephone to prevent receive۔ing non۔want۔t telephonecalls from specific numbers.  Non۔able to communicate with she actual۔ly allow۔d he some relief:  she would have refuse۔d to refund his money, and he would have been tempt۔d to say things that a man alike hisself, who always try۔d to behave correct۔ly, should never say.
            It wuz not until later, when he wuz feel۔ing hunger۔y again, that he realize۔d that he face۔d a dilemma:  what to do.  His previous assumption to start save۔ing for another laptop, delay his plans another year, hope Bibiana could withstand parental pressure to abandon he, hope the vitamin opportunity would wait.  But that seem۔d so non۔accept۔able.
            In a pan he boil۔d spaghetti and from a jar add۔d sauce.  But, think۔ing, he hardly taste۔d his diner. 
            He could continue harass۔ing Elena to return his money, telephone۔ing she from a variety of public telephones (that would not be block۔t), contact Montevideo Education department to try to find where she work۔d and harass she there, but since she had gone to all the trouble of put۔ing an advert to cheat somebody, there seem۔d no possibility she would have a change of heart.  If he could somehow locate she, he could file a lawsuit against she, but his only witness, the repair۔man, would certain۔ly not agree to spend atleast half a day sit۔ing in a lawcourt·room, and even if he win۔d, collect۔ing the money would be difficult if not impossible.  By that time she would have spend۔d the money, probable۔ly for another laptop, he think۔d to his dismay.  ‘Scum,’ wuz what he final۔ly label۔d she, feel۔ing confident that that type of people wuz doom۔t to an un۔happy life.  ‘The world would have been better off if she had not been birth۔d.’
            Regard۔in other options, all that remain۔d wuz…  It require۔d another full clockhour before he even accept۔d the next thought:  ‘Sell it.’
            ‘But if I tell the truth, nobody will purchase it.’  Sell۔ing it would require lie۔ing.  ‘Non۔accept۔able.’  That would put he in the same league as ‘Elena Scum’.
            He sit۔d on his bed, shun۔ing his usual habit of watch۔ing television.  His life۔style, ever since Fausto tell۔d he how much money he wuz earn۔ing sell۔ing vitamins, wuz minimalist.  Except for Saturday night romdates with Bibiana, Sunday mornin contributions to the church collection dish, and once per week purchase۔ing a newspaper, he try۔d not to spend even one non۔necessary peso.  His colleagues, contrast۔ly, purchase۔d audio·video·disks of movys and music to play on they’s fancy home-entertainment systems, or spend۔d gobs on clothes.  ‘All for nothin,’ he summarize۔d his year of save۔ing. ‘Because of one lie۔ing bitch.  What iz the world come۔ing to, with peoples alike she allow۔d to walk around free?’
            Those Leos that he occasion۔ly notice۔d advertise۔t – maybe they wuz all the same Leo, he think۔d.  Later it occur۔d to he that the Leo had possible۔ly been pass۔d from purchase۔or to purchase۔or not only in Uruguay but in Taiwan.  ‘Maybe in Taiwan everybody know about Leos, thus somebody who wuz come۔ing here anyway bring۔d it here to sell.’  “Therefore why should I get stick۔d with it?’ wuz his next thought.  The expensive defective machine wuz probable۔ly destine۔t to continue circulate۔ing until it reach۔d the hands of an honest people, who would lose ta’s money.  ‘That dont seem fair.’
            ‘The simple۔est thing,’ he later fantasize۔d, would be to place an Internet advert, and pass it off to the next suck۔or.’  He glance۔d over at his desk at his desk۔top machine.  Insert۔ing an Internet advert, which wuz gratis, require۔d only a few minutes.  Prospective purchase۔ors would be read۔ing it that same evenin.
            ‘If Bibiana ever know۔d, she would not marry me.’  It had never occur۔d to he to be to she anythin but truthful.  But nobody would know about it.  He could almost certain۔ly sell it without anybody he know۔d know۔ing.
            Still dress۔d, he lay۔d rear۔ward on his pillow, his head spin۔ing with non۔resolve۔t thoughts, until he wuz final۔ly overcome with sleep.
            Sunday mornin, after a partial۔ly sleep۔less night, he awake۔d late.  He decide۔d, non۔characteristic۔ly, not to attend catholicmass.  He eye۔d, across the room, the Leo laptop.  He fantasize۔d open۔ing the window, throw۔ing it out, watch۔ing it fall all three floor·levels down۔ward, until it hit۔d the concrete park·landlot below and… crash۔d.
            In his next fantasy he wuz hand۔ing it to a face۔less prospective purchase۔or in return for 30,000 pesos cash. 
            ‘What shall I do?’ 
            He feel۔d guilt۔y about not attend۔ing catholicmass.
            He consider۔d telephone۔ing Bibiana, or consult۔ing his parents.  But he know۔d what they would all say:  eat the loss.  The idea of miser۔ly guard۔ing pesos for another entire year seem۔d impossible.  Peoples seize۔d new opportunitys, he know۔d; in another year many peoples would be try۔ing to sell vitamins, he predict۔d.
            Without know۔ing why, he switch۔d on his desk۔top electronic·process۔or.  Lookstare۔ing at the ee۔display, he maneuver۔d into the local electronics-for-sale section.  Elena’s advert had disappear۔d.  Five previous۔ly own۔t laptops wuz offer۔d, all high price۔d.
            Impulsive۔ly he click۔d on “New Advert”, and on the keyboard type۔d:  “Laptop with video play۔or.  20 gig storage disk.  Carry۔ing case include۔d.  30,000 pesos,” and add۔d his telephone number.  Then he click۔d on “Post”.
            Re-check۔ing the “for sale” section, his advert had already appear۔d.
            He lay۔d rear۔ward on his bed, shut۔d his eyes, and try۔d to return to sleep.  ‘Mere۔ly because I post۔d an advert dont I plan to sell it,’ he console۔d hisself.
            The telephone wuz ring۔ing when he open۔d his eyes again.  Bright light stream۔d in from behind the tan window curtain.  He reach۔d for it.  “Hello?”
            “Hello.”  A mature woman’s voice.  “I iz telephone۔ing about your electronic·process۔or.”
            “Electronic·process۔or?”  The entire nightmare return۔d to Diaz’s consciousness.  Then he remember۔d that he had put۔d an advert.
            “Do you have an electronic·process۔or for sale?” ask۔d the telephone۔orm.
            “Iz that the same Leo I see۔d advertise۔d yesterday, with a different telephone number?”
            At a loss for what to say, Diaz answer۔d truthful۔ly, “Yes.”  When the telephone۔or dint respond he realize۔d she wuz wait۔ing for an explanation.  “I iz sell۔ing it for my galfriend.”  Final۔ly full۔by awake, he feel۔d aghast at how easy۔ly he had invent۔d a fib.
            “Do you mind my ask۔ing?  Why iz you sell۔ing it so cheap?  Iz somethin wrong with it?”
            “No, it function perfect۔ly,” Diaz lie۔d again.  “It iz a Leo brand,” he add۔d, “Not as expensive as some of the more common brands here in Uruguay.”
            “But I have see۔d many Leos advertise۔d on Internet.”
            “Oh.”  He could not possible۔ly tell she they wuz all the same Leo.
            “Well, I want to purchase it.  It iz exact۔ly what we want.  Can I come see it?”
            Diaz wonder۔d who “we” wuz, and realize۔d he dint want any purchase۔or to know his address.  “Actual۔ly, I iz justnow plan۔ing to go out.  I could stop by your place with it.”
            “Could you really?  You iz so nice.  Can you come to Plaza Matriz?”
            The publicpark four streetblocks north·west of Plaza Espanya.  “Sure.”
            “I will meet you direct۔ly in front of the cathedral.”
            “Alright, sure.  What time?”
            “Iz two oclock too soon?
            “Do you want my pocket·telephone number, justincase?”
            “Okay sure.”  He pull۔d the paper from his wallet, and beside Elena’s number write۔d, “356-2148.”
            “I iz Angela Gomez,” she add۔d.  “Ask anybody; they will know me.”
            Hurry۔ing along the sidewalk, Diaz feel۔d appall۔d at the ease and speed with which he could invent lies, and delivery they masterful۔ly.  It wuz as though the devil had been lurk۔ing behind his Christian mask his entire life.  It occur۔d to he that the episode wuz a test.  ‘But why should I be the one force۔d to pay for this piece of junk?’ – the question he continue۔ly return۔d to.  As he near۔d the plaza, he feel۔d nervous.  ‘What if it crash while she iz test۔ing it?  What will I say?’
            He walk۔d into Plaza Matriz from the opposite side of Montevideo Metropolitan Cathedral, whose twin towers he could see·through leaf۔y trees.  Early Sunday afternoon on a mild day, the publicpark wuz full of peoples:  stroll۔ing couples, some with they’s children, peoples sit۔ing on benches.  A street violinorm play۔d a tune Diaz wuz not familiar with.  Near the cathedral end of the publicpark a group of ap ten young womans mill۔d around two long side-by-side·tables on which wuz display۔t cookys and pies.  Diaz walk۔d over and say۔d, “I iz look۔ing for Angela Gomez.”
            Several of the young womans point۔d to a short brown-hairs۔y mid-age۔y woman with large brown eyes, who as she approach۔d Diaz glance۔d down at the black carry۔ing case swing۔ing from his shoulder, and smile۔d.  “I iz Angela.  Thank you for come۔ing!”
            “I iz Jesus Diaz.  Pleased to meet you.”
            “Jesus!  The best of all names.”  In South America mans name۔d after the continental favorite wuz common.
            “I iz afraid I have not live۔d equal to my namesake.”
            “Nobody have.  Or ever will.  We all simple۔ly do the best we can.”
            He nod۔d vague۔ly.
            Angela turn۔d around to her companions, and exclaim۔d, “Ladys, look.  The laptop!”
            He pull۔d the electronic·process۔or from the bag, as the young ladys crowd۔d around excite۔ly.  One dub۔d it “cute”, while another comment۔d, “Perfect.”  Angela, take۔ing it in her hands, declare۔d it “not too heavy”.
            Diaz switch۔d it on, hope۔ing it would not crash.  It’s ee۔display illuminate۔d with the beautyful green color, amid more admire۔ing noises from the womans.
            Think۔d Dias hopeful۔ly, ‘Maybe they iz plan۔ing to use it in a single location, thus it will be alright.  “What iz you plan۔ing to use it for?” he ask۔d casual۔ly.
            “Oh, we iz Movys for Shut-ins.  Have you earhear۔d of we?  We iz sponsor۔t by the cathedral.”
            Groan۔ing inside, Diaz admit۔d he wuz not certain.
            “We volunteer۔or to take movys around to Uruguay’s hospitals and nurse۔ing homes and show they to bed-ride۔t medpatients who rare۔ly receive visit۔ors.  After watch۔ing the movys together, we discuss they.  Iz that not a wonderful idea!”
            “Wonderful,” Diaz repeat۔d dull۔ly. 
            “We have arrange۔d bake sales since early springtime.  Volunteer۔ors bake cookys and pies, which we sell on the cathedral lawn on Sundays.  That iz how we raise۔d the money for this electronic·process۔or.  Iz not it excite۔y?!”  She smile۔d wide۔ly
            The young man groan۔d again, that time audible۔ly.  He wuz begin۔ing to view the experience as a spiritual disaster.  Whether or not he still want۔d to sell it, he definite۔ly dint want to sell it to she.
            “Dont you want to try it first?”
            “Oh, no, I trust you.”
            He try۔d to think of a way out of his dilemma.  “Why?”
            “A man name۔d Jesus would never cheat a woman name۔d Angela.”
            With the back of his hand he wipe۔d sweat from his brow.  “Maybe I dont want to sell it.”
            “Oh, but you must!”  She look۔d up into his eyes alike an innocent child beg۔ing an adult to be nice to she.  “We iz all excite۔y!”  She reach۔d into her purse, and pull۔d out a thick wad of paper·moneys rubber-band۔t together.
            Reluctant۔ly he accept۔d it, fold۔d they once, and thrust۔d they into his front rightside trouser pocket.
            “Iz you not go۔ing to count they?”
            “I trust you.”  He hand۔d she the machine in it’s case.
            She beam۔d at he angelic۔ly, to which he respond۔d with a force۔d smile.
            Then she turn۔d and run۔d back toward her group.
            “Try not to bump it,” he call۔d after she.
            Back in his apartment again, Jesus Diaz feel۔d miserable.  ‘All those insults I shower۔d on scum Elena, should not I now shower they upon myself?’  He had always consider۔d hisself religious.  But years of Sundays attend۔ing catholicmass and participate۔ing in the rituals pale۔d compare۔d to the wrong deed had do۔d.
            He expect۔d the telephone to ring any moment, with Angela complain۔ing that her electronic·process۔or had crash۔d.  ‘If she telephone me, what shall I do?’ a new quandary.  His response tiltlean۔d toward refund۔ing her money, which would present yet another quandary:  whether to advertise it for sale again.  Meanwhile, he pray۔d for a miracle, that somehow the defective machine, purchase۔d for such a worth۔y cause, would function proper۔ly.  When final۔ly too late to telephone, he conclude۔d that she had not yet switch۔d it on.
            That Sunday evenin, after one of the few weekends he had not see۔d Bibiana, he dint telephone she.  He nolonger feel۔d worth۔y.
            One week later, the follow۔ing Saturday afternoon, when Angela still had not telephone۔d he, he wuz start۔ing to believe that the miracle he had pray۔d for had come true.  It seem۔d probable that if she had not telephone۔d by then to report a problem, she probable۔ly never would. 
            Thus, before shower۔ing for his romdate with Bibiana that night, he decide۔d it wuz time to check the Internet adverts again, to see if there wuz an afford۔able laptop with a video play۔or.  Back on track of his plan to sell vitamins, re۔locate to an apartment big enough for two, and marry the woman he love۔d.
            He switch۔d on his old desk۔top machine, and maneuver۔d to the local “Electronics for Sale” siteplace.  List۔d wuz two HP brands, a Compaq, and an IBM, all too high price۔d.  When his eyes focus۔d on the last advert, he breathe۔d in sharp۔ly.  “Laptop with video play۔or,” the advert read۔d.  “20 gig storage disk.  30,000 pesos.  Leo brand.  Call 356-2148.”
            Jesus Diaz laugh۔d outloud – less from humor than from conscience relief.  Then he pull۔d the paper in his wallet and compare۔d Angels’s telephone number with the number in the advert.  They match۔d.  Atleast, he think۔d, the goodheart۔y Movys for Shut-ins volunteer۔or would not be stick۔t with three more months bake۔ing, and family۔less friend۔less shut-ins could begin enjoy۔ing they’s company.  Soon the Leo would be somebody else’s problem.
            He try۔d, as he shower۔d and shave۔d and dress۔d for the evenin with Bibiana, to focus on his good news.  Soon he would purchase a laptop – after test۔ing it thorough۔ly – and begin sell۔ing vitamins – the ticket to marry۔ing Bibiana and birth۔ing children.
            But, he decide۔d as he ride۔d the bus to meet Bibiana, the experience had fundamental۔ly change۔d he.  ‘Much easy۔er to do the right thing when life iz go۔ing smooth۔ly,’ he had learn۔d.  ‘True tests of character dont come often.’  His he had flunk۔d.  Thus he could nolonger consider۔d hisself a moral man.  Ofcourse, he would never tell Bibiana, or anybody.  His secret.  Occur۔t to he that he wuz cheat۔ing Bibiana, hide۔ing from the woman he love۔d what type of man he really wuz.
            A few streetblocks later he also realize۔d that none of the peoples who had been in temporary possession of the defective laptop had ultimate۔ly been hurt۔t financial۔ly, yet all had been jolt۔d spiritual۔ly.  The device wuz a morality test۔or, circulate۔ing among the basic۔by moral citizens of Montevideo.  He wonder۔d how many more occasions he would see the Leo advert – until it final۔ly reach۔d the hands of somebody honest.
            At the front gate of Bibiana’s apartment build۔ing, illuminate۔t by yellow street·lamp filter۔t through a tree, as he watch۔d she walk۔ing toward he, wear۔ing a bright red dress over her feminine shape, brown hairs bounce۔ing off her shoulders, her wide smile fade۔d and a wrinkle form۔d above her nose.  By the time she reach۔d he, her forehead wuz line۔d with worry. 
            She put۔d her hand on his shoulder, her brown eyes look۔ing up into his, and ask۔d, “What iz wrong?”
            He frown۔d.  Whatever his answer, it would be a lie.
*       *       *
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