by Flora Morales

  Christianity: Short Storys     Liberation: short storys * injustice laid bare *

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        The stories are presented in a form of simplified English especially helpful for readers who are not native English speakers.


     This book presents two stories of Jesus’ life.

     1. The gospels of Mattrew, Mark, Luke and John combined into a single chronological story.  The effect is powerful.

 2. The Life and Teaching of Jesus, as presented in Urantia Book, purportedly written by spirits.

          Urantia Book’s 700-plus pages about Jesus are herein condensed and rearranged chronologically.

          Jesus’ life is described in specific detail, including:

              * Jesus’s childhood, family life, and carpentry career.

              * Where did Jesus go, and what did he do, during the years before his public teaching?

              * How did Jesus plan and prepare for his message to spread throughout the centuries to the entire world?

              * Who were the apostles, what did each do after Jesus’ ascension to heaven, and what was their fate?

              * How, and in what form, did Jesus reappear to mortals after his crucifixion?  And what are the implications for your own future?

              * When will Jesus reappear on Earth?


           Jesus on Urantia

            The Life and Teaching of Jesus, as presented in Urantia Book, purportedly written by spirits.

          (The text is identical to the second half of "Jesus", the book described above.)



           32 Christian fiction stories address the following question:

               Why does God allow suffering?

               Can we make deals with God?

               What happens when fans pray for victory for opposing teams?

               Why does God care?

               When and how was the ultimate authority of kings replace by moral authority?

               Did Saint Paul have an inkling that his letters would be regarded as holy scripture?

               Should we pray for more than plenty?

               Is forgiveness always possible? – a new version of a popular song and story

               Is there anything joyful about dying?

               With complete faith, iz everything possible?

               What wuz Jesus like as a child?

               Does God condone recreational sex?

               Is alright to pray for oneself?

               Is God dead?

               Can praying for forgivenes ever be harmful?

             Liberation - Injustice Laid Bare

            14 no-holds-barred short fiction stories with mind-broadening emotional impact, set in ten locations around the world.

               "Children First Movement" - the new womens' movement centered on children and therefore on mothers

               "Womens’ Right to Choose" - yes, but to choose what?

               "Are You My Mommy?" - the dilemma every working mother faces

               "Honorable Gang Rape - honorable gang rape??

               "Reparations Scholarships" - every African American's right

               "Shamed to Death” - for sticking up for who you are

               "Another Cooking Incident" - among several such fatal "accidents" per day

                   "Non۔wanted" - named "Non-wanted" by her parents, she reverses the curse

                "Occupation" - injustice prolonged

                "Chaupadi" - mentruation not tolerated, really?

                "Slashor" - karma in action

                "Sex Education" - if not learned the easy way, learned the hard way

                   "Larysa" - a petite 16-year old shows us the way